Community Development &



(Kenya Vision 2030) Project Imarisha Vijanaa   2019

Volunteership and Internship Mentorship Program- VIMP

Apiculture- Beekeeping and Honey Harvesting. 2018-2019

 Community training and equipment on how to venture into beekeeping business- culture, harvest, processing and sale.

Collerboration with professionals, regional Universities and Technical colleges to empower young professionals by providing technical skills, platform and connection to job market and professional engagement.

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Adjacent Forest Communities i.e Fishers Folks Malindi 2019

 Community training program in collerboration with National Government, Ministry of Youths, to develop and equip youths with talents and skills of enterprenureship and community development, Mombasa- 2016-2019

Training to Empower Coast women in fisheries enterprenuership, Malindi-Lamu 2019.

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Business Skills, Enterprise Development and Career skills training.

The organization has reached over 3000 youths through the program and trained 654 people in
Mombasa County.